Yesterday's Kids League Rules

A ball in a glove laying in the grass.

A seven-member volunteer Board of Commissioners is responsible for all aspects of the organization. The commissioners serve at the discretion of the member/players of the organization and the individual commissioners do not assume any liability either financial or otherwise. There are no term limits for board members and they serve for as long as they wish and are actively contributing to the advancement of the organization. When a member retires the Board elects a replacement from a list of three nominees.

The procedures and rules of this league cannot be changed or modified except by the Board of Commissioners. To change or modification procedures or rules, the president will call a meeting of the commissioners and a quorum of at least five commissioners will be considered an official meeting and the change can be voted upon.

Players are encouraged to offer suggestions for rule changes, other organizational changes or complaints. Contact any commissioner and submit your idea, change, etc. in writing to the board asking that you be put on the agenda for the next board meeting.

Ron Pfeffer, President

Warren Wettengel, Treasurer

John Parrott, Secretary

Dick Von Bokern,
League Coordinator

Bill Stropes, Field Coordinator

Cliff Jones, Activities Coordinator

Tom Kloenne,
League and Player Coordinator